School Fundraising

Albany Bowl is helping to raise money for local schools

More and more people are choosing bowling as a wholesome, interactive, healthy entertainment option.  More than 70 million people go bowling each year in the United States and bowling remains the number one participation sport in the world.

According to Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood executives, bowling is chic.  Dozens of recent movies, commercials, and television shows feature or include bowling in their productions.  Bowling-inspired items are showing up in stores in everything from bowling bag purses to cuff links.  Fifties-style retro bowling shirts are one of the country's hottest "new" fashion statements.

Did you know that Bowling Fund-Raisers are being used by such well-known organizations as Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Children's Miracle Network.

BOWLING has become one of the most popular forms of FUND-RAISING today.  Because of the wide range of age and skill levels bowling appeals to, Bowling Fund-Raising programs are universally accepted as credible approaches to generating funds for a diverse group of organizations.

Let ALBANY BOWL help you plan a Bowling Fund-Raising Event.  We have had big success with some local schools already.  In fact one school alone raised over $500.00 in a single bowling fund-raising event.  The average raised is $300 per event.  There is no limit to how many bowling fund-raiser events you can have provided lanes are available.

How It Works

You sell tickets to the students, their familes, and friends for $10.00 each.

The tickets are good for 2 games of bowling and shoe rental for the ticket holder only.  The date and time the tickets are good for are worked out between you and Albany Bowl.  After all of the tickets are redeemed we will add them up then write out a bill which is to be paid in full.  Then, Albany Bowl will send a check for 50% of what was collected back to the school.  Let's say you sell 60 tickets: That's $600.00.  $300.00 goes to the bowling center and $300.00 goes back to the school.

If you're looking for a new profitable fund-raiser event for your school, contact us for more information.  We look forward to helping you set up your Bowling Fundraiser event!

Mike Richards
Event Coordinator
Assistant Manager
(510) 526-8818