Games at the Bowl

Besides bowling and pool, there's plenty of other fun to be had at The Albany Bowl!

Taking a break for bowling, or just don't feel in the mood tonight?  Don't worry!  Of course you can always settle in at our billiard tables, take a seat at Tierney's Sports Bar, or grab a bite at the Albany Bowl Cafe.

However, if you're looking for another kind of fun, check out what we have to offer here at the Bowl...


Hop on over to Tierney's Sports bar for a spirited game of darts! 

Not only are the dart boards always open for casual play (while enjoying an ice cold beer, perhaps) but we also hold Dart League tournament style play. 

Come visit us at Tierney's Sports Bar to find out more about joining one of our dart leagues.


Scattered around The Albany Bowl are many up-to-date arcade games and games of skill.

Want to shoot hoops?  No problem.  Want to shoot zombies?  We've got you covered there too.

Settle in for a racing game or indulge in the nostalgia of ski-ball.  It's all here at the Bowl!  Don't worry... we have a change machine...

Air Hockey

There's nothing like a fast-paced game of air hockey to bring out the best (sometimes worst) competitive spirit between you and your friends.

Our air hockey tables are new, clean, and run like a dream.  Take a break from bowling for a quick match, and have no mercy!

Two separate tables, so you'll rarely have to wait.