Fun at the Bowl

The Bowl has all kinds of different fun just waiting for you!

Whether you're looking to Bowl, or whether you're in the mood for some other kind of fun, The Albany Bowl has you covered!  Read below to find out about the different kinds of fun you can have at The Bowl.


Whether you're an experienced bowler or if this is your first time, The Albany Bowl is the best place to bowl in the bay area.  Our lanes are clean, well-maintained and plentiful, we hold many special events and activities, and there's no better place to have a party!

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In addition to bowling and games, The Albany Bowl also offers a set of 5 family-friendly billiard tables!  Our tables are clean and well-maintained, and there's usually very little if any wait to get a game in.

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Darts, arcade games, air hockey...

Bowling isn't everything!  Need to take a break from the lanes and want to take your friends on in a different game of skill?  Then you should check out all the other games that we offer here at The Bowl!

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