Tierney's Sports Bar

The friendliest sports bar in town... hands down!

Tierney's Sports Bar is located right inside The Albany Bowl, serving drinks to bowlers and non-bowlers alike.

If you're a sports fan, there's no better place to grab a beer or other drink than here!  Our four 42" flat panel TV screens feature round-the-clock sports coverage and our 10 foot video screen is used for special events like Super Bowl 50.  Plus, are walls are literally covered with great sports memorabilia, much of it one-of-a-kind.

While relaxing with your drink, you can enjoy tunes from our jukebox, or just space out and watch the fish swim in our massive 250 gallon salt water fishtank.

Our friendly staff is here to serve you... we'll even bring a pitcher right out to your lane!

Darts at Tierney's

Hop on over to Tierney's Sports bar for a spirited game of darts! 

Not only are the dart boards always open for casual play (while enjoying an ice cold beer, perhaps) but we also hold Dart League tournament style play. 

Come visit us at Tierney's Sports Bar to find out more about joining one of our nightly dart leagues.