Junior League

We invite kids of all ages to join our ever growing Junior League program at Albany Bowl. There are leagues for kids of all ages and skill levels and volunteer coaches to help teach you all the proper bowling techniques.

Unlike other sports, bowling is always involved. There are no sidelines, no subbing in and out, everyone plays the same amount every week. Bowling is the ultimate participation sport and is a lifetime sport.

Our junior leagues also give back to the kids. In 2014-2015 Albany Bowl gave out over $6,500 in awards and scholarships, and we want to give even more away this year.

And the best part is, junior bowling is affordable. With lower priced leagues, free shoe rental for all junior bowlers, and $1 discounted practice games, we support our Juniors and their bowling efforts.

For all questions and concerns about the Junior Program, please contact our Junior Director James Coggins at 510-526-8818.

League Name Meeting Starting

Our Beginner league. Learn the basics of bowling and have fun at the same time. For Ages 3-7

1/21 9:00am 1/21 9:30am
Junior Spare Shooters

Have fun, earn awards/scholarships, and improve your game in this no bumper league. Ages 5-15

1/21 9:00am 1/21 9:30am
King/Queen of the Hill

Bowlers bowl in scratch and handicap divisions. Scratch division match play is head to head. Handicap division match play; 90% of 200. FOR ADVANCED BOWLERS ONLY. Contact James Coggins For Details.

1/21 9:00am 1/21 9:45am
League Name Meeting Starting
Family Fun Trio's - 2nd Half

Adults and Kids bowl together in teams of 3, no relation required. Every team must have at least 1 Junior Bowler and 1 Adult. All Ages Welcome.

1/22 5:45pm 1/22 6:00pm